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Strengthen your PvP skills in a multitude of Unranked ladders, or download Badlion Client (for cheat-free gameplay) and compete in our seasonal Ranked competition. Compete in hosted events and tournaments or have fun with friends with our party system.

UHC & UHC Meetup

Survive in a world where there is no natural regeneration and 1 life where the only source of health is through golden apples or golden heads (obtained by killing others). As the game continues, matters become worse with a continuous inclosing border.


PvPTemple’s take on the popular game mode, SkyWars! Purchase kits and other perks with in-game currency and strategically survive in a map elevated in the sky. With only 1 life, try to eliminate as many players as possible and become the true survivalist.

Survival Games

PvPTemple’s take on the popular game mode, Survival Games! Run out from the middle of an arena to gather loot from obscure and hard-to-find areas of the map to defeat your opponents. Gear up to be the last tribute left in the arena, good luck!

Hardcore Factions

Gather your friends together and create a faction and rise to the top! Obtain materials in a map where teleporting is forbidden and establish a name for your faction. Compete in events such as King of the Hill, Conquest, and Palace to prove your faction is #1.